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The latest cyber-attacks have splashed up the security sector in the stock market.

In particular, Sophos title has earned 7% at the London Stock Exchange.

Even in Wall Street, the security sector is in a hurry, i.e. Cysco System value is rising so fast.

Over the years, companies around the world have invested heavily in technology without increasing proportionally the level of security of their systems.

Nowadays, there is a new conception regarding Technology, due to its evolution: there is a need of security. As a matter of fact, companies who handle large amount of sensitive data are really interested in investing in IT security, because a theft of data could be a huge damage that can potentially undermine consumer confidence.

To sum up, a temporal discontinuity between technology development and its security has spread all over the world, that’s why the security sector is in a huge development and could be one of the leading sectors of world’s Stock Exchange.


Davide Cravero


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