The best rock climbing places in the world

[Reading time: 1 minute]

Hi climbers,

in this post we are going to see five stunning places to practice rock climbing e to admire amazing landscapes around the world.

1. Mexico, El Potrero Chico



El Potrero Chico (that is “little coral”) is located in the North of Mexico and is a very famous rock climbing area.

2. Spain, Costa Blanca



Costa Blanca in Spain Spain is one of the favorite destination chosen by climbers all around the world because  of its amazing limestone cliffs over white sand beaches and the Mediterranean.

3. Greece, Kalymnos Island



Kalymnos is one of the most important sport climbing destinations in the whole world. Closely bolted and safely routed, the cliff faces have a ton of variety, including pockets, vertical grips, and moderate angles.

4. Germany, Frankenjura



The Frankenjura area in Germany is a haven for climbers searching a scenic challenge. There are over 8,000 established routes, and while it’s renowned for its more strenuous climbs, exist more or less 300 routes rated easy/beginner.

5. Thailand, Railay Beach



Railay is a small peninsula located between the cities of Krabi and Ao Nang accessible only by boat. These amazing cliffs over a deep blue sea make this fabulous place a climbers’ paradise.


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