Be a coach

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When you go to a restaurant, the bathroom is the mirror of the room, but for business it is the same: the company is the mirror of its owner. In fact, businesses become in the image and likeness of those who are at the top. If the holder is a liar, the staff will do the same, if the owner often arrives late, then the company will always deliver late.

The entrepreneur is the coach of the company and if you don’t put in the right position your men, you can never win the game. If you have a good business commercial segment (a good attack) and you have many sales (many goals), but you do not have good management (a good goalkeeper), therefore you will lose a lot of money (there will be many goals).



Despite of the company is small, it has to function as a big company, it is necessary to deploy men well in the neural points.

If you want to improve the situation within your business, you just have to stop investing in innovative plant and machinery and focus your investments on your organization. From the Greek Organos, that is “instrument”, the organization is not regarded as a tool but as a waste of time. The organization is the foundation of a successful business; without organization it can’t have a good business. The company must have an organizational chart, so to define each role and see if there are empty spaces, that is to say areas where there are things to do but nobody does.

When you think to organize a company, you have to think in the same way when you have to design a home: it will take time to design it, but when you start building it, it will be all right. The same goes for a business: it must be well-studied and must be solid, it can’t collapse into the first “storm”.


Edited by: Tommaso Trufini

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