One more time

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In Hamburg and more specifically inside the Volksparktstadion, there is a clock that marks the total time that the team has spent in the Bundesliga, germany’s top tier league.

In the last seasons Hamburg risked to stop the clock due to bad performances during all the league period, but they succeeded in surviving in Bundesliga always in the last game.

Even this year happened the same thing.

 On Saturday Hamburg had to win against Wolfsburg to remain in the Bundesliga for another year. Before the game Wolfsburg had 1 point more than the home side and they could stay in the Bundes with a draw as well.

After a very tough match, Hamburg’s spirit showed himself by way of Waldschimdt when in the 88’ managed to score an header that gave Hamburg supporters more time to spend in the Bundesliga.

2-1 the final result, Hamburg in paradise, Wolfsburg in purgatory because they will face Braunschweig for the play-out.


In the football word only few clubs can boast to have spent their entire football-life in the first division of their country.


Considering the main leagues: In Spain only Athletic club de Bilbao and the giant Barcelona and Real Madrid, no one in England and only Inter in Italy!


For this reason Hamburg is a very romantic club, and we don’t want the clock to stop tickling



Sechs mal Deutscher meister,

Six-time German champion,

Drei mal pokalsieger,

Three-time cup winner,

Immer erste liga, H.S.V.!

Always first division, H.S.V.


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