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The end of the semester is approaching and we have organized a special dinner to spend a final night all together, to live again the memories of these months with videos, jokes and a lot of surprises, to have fun once again all together!

This dinner will be a special one because it’s YOUR turn!

It will be an INTERNATIONAL DINNER that means you will eat dishes from all over the world cooked (well, better “suggested by”) yourselves!

You are asked to form 6 teams with maximum 5 people each. The team will submit a recipe typical of the country represented (like: paella for Spain, empanadas for Argentina etc.) BY SHARING A WORD DOCUMENT ON THE EVENT PAGE BY SUNDAY 4TH JUNE. This will be given to the canteen staff who will prepare it for that night.

The teams are asked to present the dish during the dinner: something that lasts 4/5 minutes where you explain how the dish is made, its tradition and all you have in mind! You can also show something about your country: sing us a typical song, show us a video or a typical dance, do a quiz… be creative!

During the dinner we will taste all the dishes and award the best one based both on the dish and the presentation! This means that the first best three teams will get prizes!!

So, if during these months you’ve at times found yourself explaining to someone about that specific dish from your country you miss while here, or simply if you’d like to share the culture of your country while having fun with all of us, join the competition and partecipate in this unique event!

Fill this form to pre-order tickets that we will sell during the office at Language Cafè from this Thursday at the price of 10 euros –>

(you will receive more info on where and when to buy the tickets!)

The event is also open to italian students from LUISS, this is the form that they have to fill in if they want to join. –>

It’s not all: the funniest thing is that during the dinner there will be also the ESN AWARDS!!

You have to vote for some categories and the winners will win gifts offered from ESN ROMA LUISS Staff!

These are the categories:

– Miss Erasmus (the most beautiful girl) 👸
– Mister Erasmus (the most handsome guy)🤵
– Funniest Erasmus (it’s easy, the funniest of you guys!)🕺
– Best Esner Supporter (the one who always joined our activities, trips, parties…)🙋
– Best couple (if somebody found love during this semester)💏
– Best Esner (the best Esner member)😎

You can vote here by writing name and surname of the person you vote! –>

–> After the dinner, we’ll head to our final party of the season!<– more info soon!!



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