The golden compass of communication

After many weeks, we may try to summarize what we said until today.

There are few basic rules, called golden rules, that could be our golden compass in communication process.

The golden rules for a good effective communication are five.

  1. When you prepare a report, a meeting or a presentation remember to strat from the end. People will remember the first and the last thing you say. To do this, remember to focus your attention on the main message, answering the question “What do I want to say?”
  2. Be simple. Your aim is to be understood by everyone. If a middle school boy is able to understand you, even a manager or a politician will do it. It isn’t true the opposite.
  3. When you treat numbers, figures and graphs remember to use the technique of simplify, translate, compare and connect. This last step is the most important. It let you understand what is your place in the story and make you to accept the call to action.
  4. Choose carefully images and stories. Images will paint in the listener minds what you are telling him. You can choose between different types. A great speaker is at the same time a great painter, because make listeners to “see” what he is saying. Make an engagement telling a story, which is connected to the main message and which is an example and a memento of your message.
  5. Use your body language! Communication go through the “not said”. We are always in communication and our body says more than us. Because of this, remember to be open and comfortable. Only in this way you will be able to collet feedbacks.

A speaker has to listen to his audience, too. Listening to your audience means to act better in the communication process. And the better we communicate, the greater the change in people lives will be.

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