Your brain system drives your personality

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One of the most important scientist who studied this relation is Helen Fisher. Now she is studying the business-world application of her study about the drivers of personality.

She built a questionnaire in order to understand how to match people which is based on brain chemistry.

In our personality there are two part which interact each other: culture and temperament. The study of this last aims to find a neurological answer to the reason why they do exist more kinds of personality.

There do exist four biological systems which are linked to particular personalities’ traits.

Because of this we may divide personalities in macro areas, each of them is linked to a different biological system. These are classified as:

  • Dopamine System: people who express certain genes in this system tend to be curios, creative, spontaneous and risk taker.
  • Serotonin System: the activity in serotonin pathways characterizes people truly sociable. This activity happens in a brain region linked to what we usually call “social norm conformity”.
  • Testosterone System: who is expressive of this system is a direct, sceptical, decisive and assertive person. This activity is proper of people with a mathematics attitude.
  • Estrogen/Oxytocin System: characterizes intuitive, imaginative, empathetic and sensitive people. An high activity in estroxen/oxytocin scale is linked to empathy.


The classification of this four different groups doesn’t mean that a person should belong to only one class. Our brains don’t work in cubbyholes.

This classification wants to measure how strong is the activity in the different areas.

From this classification we can understand the personality of people and their communication style. The personality linked to these systems are (in order): explorer, builder, director, negotiator.

Each personality is a combination of these, but everyone expresses more of a specific one.

Our “personality signature” in a unique mix of these, as our conversational style.

Claudia Perillo

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