Business universes (2)

[Reading time: 1 minute]

Reconnecting with the previous article, let us remember that we can divide the business world into three universes and we need to understand where we are because otherwise it will be difficult to settle things:

– Have a job

– Own a job

– The system


In the second sphere belong to free professionals or small entrepreneurs. They have a job because the profits depend on their work and the hours they spend on work, for example more racing driver makes more money for a taxi/uber driver. If you notice that by decreasing of your free time, your earnings increase and that with increasing job commitments your income increases, then you are in this second sphere. Unlike the first sphere, there are now potentials to become rich, but you have to be good at building a name and being affirmed for a long time. Yet one of the risks is working hard for weeks and months and then squandering much of the money earned in a short time “because I worked hard and somehow I will have to enjoy the fruits of my work.” This is wrong because you become like the one who does the diet for months and then abounds with your friends. In this way it falls into the category of the poor with a high standard of living.


Edited by: Tommaso Trufini

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