Business universes (3)

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

Reconnecting with the previous article, let us remember that we can divide the business world into three universes and we need to understand where we are because otherwise it will be difficult to settle things:

  • Have a job
  • Own a job
  • The system


In the third sphere we talk about system: creating a system allows one who has generated it to do other things while the money is working for him. This is the case with Zara or McDonalds. In most cases it is better to create more than one system, because if one collapses (with the speed of the market), others continue to fuel your passive income. Whoever earns through the rent of 5 apartments has created a system!

To create more serious and stable systems you will spend 10 years and this is the time to become rich.

So wealth is in the third sphere, creating one or more systems, now it’s up to you to create them!

Edited by: Tommaso Trufini

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