Made in Italy

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According to the new Made-in-Country Index 2017 (a world-wide thermometer that measures how important is the image of the main countries), the italian manufacture is a step further than the French, Japanese and American ones. Below is the ranking of the highest places:


  • First place: Germany
  • Second place: Switzerland
  • Third place: European Union
  • Fourth Place: Great Britain
  • Fifth place: Sweden
  • Sixth Place: Canada
  • Seventh place: ITALY
  • Eighth place: Japan, France and USA.

Made in Italy is among the top 10 global brands for 36 nations over the 52 where research has been conducted. That is why the Italian brand seems to evoke its attractiveness throughout the world. The tricolor products were the highest in the category “uniqueness” (22%) and “excellent design” (37%), while the German ones reach the top in the “high quality” (49%) and “safety standards” segments 32%), while Swiss brands rank first for “authenticity” (21%) and “status symbol” (22%). Italian design continues to be iconic in many areas: automotive (Ferrari and Alfa Romeo), personality (Giorgio Armani and Renzo Piano, who left the mark in fashion and architecture), industrial design (Alessi and Bialetti) and so on. A seventh position deserved for Italy, but it is strange the eighth US position. Its bad performance is to reconnect to the traditional negative trade balance: over the last twelve months its image has deteriorated.


Edited by: Tommaso Trufini

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