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Empress Elisabeth’s Drag Balls

[Reading time: 1 minutes] Elizabeth Petrovna, who ruled Russia from 1742 to 1762, was known for being elegant, extravagant, and a devout patron of the arts. Under her reign the Russian court came to be considered as the most splendid... Continue Reading →

History trivia: The Football War

If you think you’ve got a bad case of football obsession, always remember this: no matter how intense it gets, you’ll never manage to outdo the populations of Honduras and El Salvador, who in 1969 went to war with each... Continue Reading →

People Who Changed History – Friedrich Wohler [1800-1882]

In 1828, something quite remarkable occurred. A German scientist called Friedrich Wohler discovered that chemicals produced by life itself could be recreated artificially in a laboratory. He did it while trying to concoct the ammonia cyanate, but quite by accident... Continue Reading →

People Who Changed History –Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, one of the greatest names in science, and a man who forever changed the way that we perceive ourselves and all other life on Earth. For most of human history, when trying to explain the history of the... Continue Reading →

People Who Changed History – Karl Marx

Karl Marx: 1818-1883 Karl Marx, the Jewish German philosopher and economic theorist, who wrote a very famous Manifesto during a time when successive rebellions crippled Europe during the mid 19th Century. The cause was obvious to Marx; he stated that... Continue Reading →

People Who Changed History – Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler: 1889-1945 Adolf Hitler, undoubtedly the most controversial name to appear on this list, but I can assure you that his place on this list is well deserved, so bear with me. In order to explain his inclusion, we... Continue Reading →

Lavish Carpet Fragments Recovered from 17th-Century Dutch Shipwreck

Fragments of a carpet that had been buried at the bottom of the sea for nearly 400 years are now on display in the Netherlands. The carpet, which is made from silk and wool, is decorated with flowers and animals,... Continue Reading →

What’s Cookin’? Nothing, If You Were an Early Human

About a million years before steak tartare came into fashion, Europe's earliest humans were eating raw meat and uncooked plants. But their raw cuisine wasn't a trendy diet; rather, they had yet to use fire for cooking, a new study... Continue Reading →

4,000-Year-Old ‘Thinker’ Sculpture Uncovered in Israel

A ceramic vessel bearing the sculpture of a pensive-looking figure has been found in the Israeli city of Yehud. The vessel dates back about 4,000 years, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). Archaeologists found the artifact during excavations in... Continue Reading →

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