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International Space Sunday

Why SpaceX is making history. Again.

[reading time: five minutes] Could you imagine trashing your car every time you go to work and buy a new one for each commute? Well good news for you: you are a perfectly rational human being and I can tell... Continue Reading →

Virgin Galactic

[reading time: eight minutes] If you’re joining in today, be sure to learn more on our quest for space entrepreneurship with our month-long series “Is space becoming private?” clicking here. This is the last iteration of our mini-series on commercial space... Continue Reading →

Blue Origin

[reading time: I have no clue] If you’re joining in today, be sure to learn more on our quest for space entrepreneurship with our month-long series “is space becoming private” clicking here. The modern  race to space is increasingly getting private.... Continue Reading →

SpaceX: everything you need to know (and probably a little bit more).

Here we are with the first iteration of our three-weeks series on the private race to space that we are witnessing in those last years. Today's "guest" is SpaceX, company funded and founded by billionaire and real-life Tony Stark Elon Musk (that guy from Tesla, PayPal et cetera - personal hero of mine).

Is space becoming private?

[reading time: two minutes] [This article, as the whole series, has a companion track that (in my opinion) ameliorates the reader experience: it is Hans Zimmer's Cornfield Chase, out of the (under-appreciated) Interstellar movie's soundtrack ] Up until a couple years... Continue Reading →

The complete 48 hours guide to TRAPPIST-1

So you've heard the big news: there's a new planet in town. Actually, there are seven of them, not that far away from our solar system (around 39 light years - 12.1 parsecs if you prefer imperial measurements). You and your better half decided to spend a weekend on the exoplanets orbiting around TRAPPIST-1, so you buy the tickets, pack your stuff and suit up for the great adventure. Here's our recipe for this week's best interstellar bang for your bucks.

Astronomers: Multiple Cosmic Collisions May Have Created Our Moon

It looks so tranquil up there. So still. But we know space is neither tranquil nor still. Our own Moon is no exception. New research suggests the Moon was the product of some very, very violent smashing: Around 4.5 billion... Continue Reading →

NASA Wants to Make a Mobile Water Factory on the Moon

Water has long been the limiting factor for humans in space. But now, NASA is developing a rover that can make water on the Moon. Such a capability will be necessary for any serious attempt at the permanent settlement of... Continue Reading →

Why Do Rockets Need So Much Fuel If, In Space, There Is Nothing to Slow Them Down?

The propellant is primarily needed to get the spacecraft into orbit, not to stay in orbit. In the above picture, you can see an illustration of a mission to the Moon. Rockets are conventionally built to have multiple stages. This... Continue Reading →

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