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As an Italian, born in Rome, our objective is to convince you that this city is the best ever. Will we succeed? You can decide. Just follow our tips, enjoy the places we suggest and exploit all of the opportunities you can find in Rome. Life is now!


The meat house. This restaurant is specialized in meat dishes, but the best thing it offers is the possibility to personally choose  the steak we’re going to eat. It seems you’re in a butcher rather then a restaurant. It's a little... Continue Reading →

CARAVAGGIO experience

Caravaggio Experience, a powerful and totally original video installation, adopts a contemporary approach to the work of art to explore Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio's artistic career. From the 24th of March till the 3rd of July, at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in... Continue Reading →


Have you ever tried this ? It is a traditional white sparkling wine, produced just in some regions of Italy. It’s a DOC product, usually compared to the Champagne, it’s supposed to be a little bit lower in quality. There... Continue Reading →

In that couch our love for the world

By Anna Madia (LUISS, Originally published on Huffington Post Italia) A bus on the highway, 57 youngsters from 19 different countries. The world was on board, on Sunday morning, with all its hopes, its dreams and the desire for fun which... Continue Reading →

Officine Beat, the Strangest Café Ever

Hello guys, Can you imagine to go to the toilet passing across a wardrobe ? Here is possible. Inside San Lorenzo, this cafè is one of the strangest you can find in Rome. The design, the cocktail menu, the old... Continue Reading →

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