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The man on the horse

[Reading time: 5 minutes] The breakfast was amazing. Suddenly all these gloomy little faces became full of joy and ardent happiness. They were plunging their muzzles in the cups overflowing with milk and honey, they were licking their chops seeing... Continue Reading →

The lair

[Reading time: 3 minutes] She stayed with them the whole afternoon and followed them in their very secret place, even if they looked scared and suspicious. Behind a hill, far from the city, under the earth, hidden between two trees... Continue Reading →


[Reading time: 5 minutes] One day came where she decided to escape. She started to run as fast as she could, out from the castle. Her feet were powdering the ground, in the rapidness she had to take off her... Continue Reading →


[Reading time: 2 minutes] It was maybe midnight. But if you had open your window that night from the castle, you would have enjoyed a truly spectacle.                 She was standing beneath the vastness of the sky, just a sliver... Continue Reading →


A Saturday of September around 1696, under the boiling heat of the sun and beneath a lush leaf of cabbage, a small creature came into the world. Someone named it “Charlotte”, which comes from “karl”, meaning strong. If it sounds... Continue Reading →

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