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The best rock climbing places in the world

[Reading time: 1 minute] Hi climbers, in this post we are going to see five stunning places to practice rock climbing e to admire amazing landscapes around the world. 1. Mexico, El Potrero Chico ( El Potrero Chico (that is “little coral”)... Continue Reading →

Rock climbing shoes: a crucial choice

[Reading time: 2 minutes] Hi climbers! I am going to talk about one of the most important choice for every climber at any performance level: the climbing shoes. When buying climbing shoes, you have to consider three crucial aspects: Climbing... Continue Reading →

Useful tips to boulder indoor

[Reading time: 2 minutes] Hi Climbers! Thanks to the proliferation of Bouldering (a form of rock climbing performed without the use of ropes or harnesses) all over the world, indoor bouldering has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In this article... Continue Reading →

How to improve your climbing by changing your attitude

[Reading time: 2 minutes]   Hi climbers! As you know in climbing and in our daily life we are likely to put people or things into groups according to what type they are and to what they do. Did you... Continue Reading →

Climbing is a mental activity!

Hi climbers! Today I want to share with you psychologist and climber Madeleine Eppensteir’s recommendations about specific mental techniques to overcome the fear of falling when climbing. Climbing is a very mentally demanding activity. Our mind choses whether we reach... Continue Reading →

Handy tips for Rock Climbing

Hi climbers! This time I want to show you Matthew Childs’ handy tips for rock climbing. He is an advertising manager and a lifelong rock climber and climbing guide. Some of his most interesting and useful pieces of advice are... Continue Reading →

The est food and eating habits after Climbing

Hi climbers! So far we have talked about what you should be eating before and during your climbing session. Now it is time to figure out the role of a good nutrition after climbing. The fact that nutrition can enhance... Continue Reading →

What are you supposed to do during a Climbing Session?

Hi hikers! There is no doubt that fueling your body in a proper way before a climbing session is crucial for both performance and endurance, but it is necessary for you to persist in your effort. According to the length... Continue Reading →

Some tips for delicious and healthy pre-climbing snacks

Hi climbers! The last time we have introduced a very crucial issue: the impact of nutrition on climbing performance! Now it is time to leave out theory and go to practice. I will give you some practical advice about energy-boosting... Continue Reading →

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