5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at a Farmers’ Market

[Reading time: 4 minutes] I first moved to Rome almost two years ago, and I have been amazed by the beauty of this city ever since. One thing which truly surprised me was the incredible amount of farmer’s markets. There are more than five just in the neighbourhood where I live, and those are only … More 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at a Farmers’ Market

A story worth telling

[Reading time:  3 minutes] Last Monday I attended an inspiring conference organised by LUISS Professor Marcello di Paola and the Italian journalist and writer Antonio Galdo. The speaker of the event was Suleman Diara, a 28-year-old guy from Mali, founder of the social cooperative Barikamà. The story of his cooperative, a story of social and environmental sustainability, deserves to be told! Barikamà, in … More A story worth telling

A (green) Bibliography of Food   

I have always loved food and have always been a voracious (please appreciate the perfectly-fitted collocation) reader, yet only recently have I combined these two passions of mine. Most importantly, I have combined them with a third element: my commitment to sustainability. Food production, consumption and processing has a lot to do with sustainability, and recently I have discovered a … More A (green) Bibliography of Food   

Food for thought and thoughts on food

Food is a relevant part of our daily lives. We get up in the morning and eat breakfast. We meet up with friends around laden dinner tables. We celebrate our holidays with traditional recipes that our grandparents bequeathed us. In the modern society, food isn’t merely the primary source of life.  Food is an art. Food represents culture (especially if … More Food for thought and thoughts on food

Zero Waste

Everyday an incredible amount of garbage is thrown away. Plastic bags, disposable utensils, water bottles, packaging. A part of it will be recycled, while the rest will feed a landfill or be incinerated. This is what happens in today’s linear economy, in which waste disposal follows production which follows material extraction. What the zero-waste movement … More Zero Waste

5 reasons why you should try community gardening out

I tried community gardening out last year for the first time and I do not intend to give it up any time soon. Let me tell you why it might be helpful for you too! You’ll develop patience Gardening requires you to understand, respect and follow the natural rhythm of life, which is inevitably slower … More 5 reasons why you should try community gardening out