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Look at that beautiful MOONLIGHT

[Reading time: 2 minutes] Well, I know, I am late; the Academy Awards ceremony took place one month ago and last week I used my weekly space on the llc blog to present a movie that not only is not... Continue Reading →


Sorry guys, this Tuesday I will not talk about awards, I will not talk about Academy Awards, I will not talk about some masterpiece or innovative screenplays. Why? Because something both great and orrible happened the last weekend in the... Continue Reading →


In the 2013 something happened in Los Angeles. Something strange, I mean. Jack Nicholson (  Shining, The Departed, Batman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), The Most nominated male actor in the Academy’s history , alongside with Michelle Obama (... Continue Reading →

2014 Academy Awards

2014 Academy Awards, to my humble opinion, the most difficult to be assigned in the history of the event; remember among the candidates movie that really made the history: -The Wolf of Wall Street, which I’m sure is the favourite... Continue Reading →

Guys It’s December!

Yeah, you all already know it but what you DO NOT KNOW is that this week I’ll jump over with agility my weekly article about the Academy Awards and give you advices about a category that has always given great... Continue Reading →

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Welcome back everyone! Oscar’s here for you to talk again about a FANTASTIC movie, hoping you enjoyed my last piece about “Spotlight” , the 2016 Winner, the movie which I will propose today is one of my all-time favourite, it’s... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, It’s me, Oscar! I am a new author for the Languageblog, and I will write about movies! This is my first article, the first of my new section “Call me Oscar” all dedicated to the Academy Awards “Best... Continue Reading →

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