Made in Italy

[Reading time: 1 minute] According to the new Made-in-Country Index 2017 (a world-wide thermometer that measures how important is the image of the main countries), the italian manufacture is a step further than the French, Japanese and American ones. Below is the ranking of the highest places: First place: Germany Second place: Switzerland Third place: … More Made in Italy

Be a coach

[Reading time: 3 minutes] When you go to a restaurant, the bathroom is the mirror of the room, but for business it is the same: the company is the mirror of its owner. In fact, businesses become in the image and likeness of those who are at the top. If the holder is a liar, … More Be a coach

The learning society

Sustained growth and long-term development require the creation of a “learning society”. But there are significant “market failures” and industrial policy plays an important role in correcting these market failures. Governments can’t and shouldn’t stop thinking about the impact of public policies on the industrial structure and learning capabilities of a society. Economic discipline recognizes … More The learning society

The conviction

Much of our beliefs are based on erroneous interpretations of past experiences, the problem is that once we have adopted those beliefs, we forget that they are only interpretations. Therefore, We don’t choose consciously in what to believe and in what to disbelieve, we don’t decide which system of beliefs to adopt: we find them … More The conviction

The wealth

[Reading time: 3 minutes] According to Thomas J Stanley, ma American writer who has devoted part of his life to the study of millionaires, most of them share these features: they are honest with all people, they have good self-discipline, they all have a spouse who supports them, they work harder than others, they love … More The wealth