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“HIGH SCHOOL BLOGGERS” by the Alternanza scuola-lavoro students


Hello everybody, on the blog a special contribution from some high school students, selected for the project Alternanza scuola-lavoro. Every week we will publish our own post and an amusing video, produced at the Language café.

Eleonora Capozi, Language Café Team
What I was doing at Luiss Language Café? I was working at LLC as a tutor of high school students from Alternanza scuola lavoro.

Almost two years ago I graduated on political sciences. I’ve really no idea what I’ll do when I grow up xD, probably I’ll try a competition or probably not. I really like challenges  which is the main reason why I always try to put myself to the test, betting on myself.

Coming back as an employee, I extremely appreciate the multiporpose and multilingual café, it constantly remembers me an incredible Erasmus atmosphere like in Strasbourg, lot’s fun!

Gian Maria Mallarino, LUISS Student

23 years old; born in Monaco; lived in several cities including Rome, Milan, Boston and Los Angeles; speaks 4 languages. It should be enough to explain my choice of enrolling into a Master Degree in Global Studies at LUISS and my continuos interest in seeing the world through other people’s eyes. Quoting Malcolm Forbes “diversity is the art of thinking independently together”. At LLC, I tooke care of the Humans of Language Cafè section. You want to share with us your vision of this amazing place? Step by to say hi or contact me at

“Offside” by Luigi Casole, LUISS Student


My name is Luigi Casole and I’m 22. I was born in Rome but I’ve lived in Turin and for some months in Bristol!

Football is my passion, but Inter is my biggest one! I’ll try to tell and illustrate what I love of this Game. I hope you’ll follow my Blog section called “Offside” and if you want you can contact me sending an email to or on my twitter account @FozzaInda.

Enjoy it!

Carlotta Bonci, LUISS Student


I am Carlotta, I’m very private person, but guys you have to understand me, I was born in the very North of Italy, we are like that.

Apart from that I really like trying new healthy recipes and random food, usually it goes well but sometimes doesn’t, but it’s ok I go to next food. Usually I attempt to stay organized, to fit everything in my day, but as all we know, nothing goes as planned, but it’s ok I tried!

If you want to reach out to me just send me an email at carlotta.bonci[@]

Lorenzo Simoni, LUISS Student 

Senza titolo

Collaborated on “Stop and stare” and “Human off LLC” columns.

I’m 21 years old, born in Grosseto but always lived in Rome. Lover of foreign cultures and traveling. I think that the only way to understand the crazy world we’re living in is trying to perceive human feelings. I try to offer you a philosophical view of the world we live in. You can contact me at if you want share ideas or ask questions.

Francesco Scocchera, LUISS student 


Collaborated on “NBA latest” column.

I’m 22 years old from Rome, Italy. I love traveling, taking pictures and I’m a huge fan of Basketball. Together we’ll catch up on Nba latest news and results. You can contact me at .

Hope you’ll enjoy my posts on the blog!

“Always Positive” by Gianmarco Bortolomucci, LUISS Student

Foto blog Language Café.jpeg

I’m Gianmarco Bartolomucci, I’m 20 years hold and now I’m studying Economics and Business in Luiss University. 

I was born in Rome, the city of Love (unless you are on the Tangenziale at 6 p.m.) and for this I’m a very positive guy as you will see from my Blog section called “Always Positive”. I try to transmit this positiveness showing you that there is no reason to be angry against the life .

I even have a radio program, “Sempre Positivi”, that you can follow on every Monday at 1 p.m. 

Rick Romanelli, LUISS Student


Collaborated on “Op-ed” column.

Italy/US. Liberal, proud Hillary supporter — I KNOW, DON’T REMIND ME. I covered U.S. politics and did financial analysis at Sole 24 Ore in New York. Bachelor’s student at LUISS — one year to go. Lover of food, finance, Netflix and all things politics.

“Over the TOP!” by Francesca Berti, Language Café Team


Born and grown up in Rome, I have been passionate of researching in education and intangible assets since a long time. I love climbing, traveling and living in a strict contact with nature. I am looking forward to sharing with you my climbing experience. Contact me if you want to talk about your stories. My email is

“Spotlight” by Francesco Luciani, LUISS Student


21, Born in Campobasso, Molise: a Place that does not belong to this world. I’m a big fan of comics, film and photography and Dedicate myself to the study of Business and Management at leisure. I’m also a traveller:  I started traveling alone at the tender age of 12, continuing every year to visit a different country in order to understand the customs and cultures, I love road trips. My dream? Still  unknown, if you have some ideas please contact me at my email: francescoluciani95@gmail.con

“M&E: Parallel Rails” by Davide Cravero and Ludovica Serafini Gallo, LUISS Students 


Hi, I’m Davide and I’m from Termoli.

I love playing the guitar, singing and cooking. I enjoy travelling too.

I’d like to stimulate reflection on actual economic themes.

Feel free to contact me for any suggestion at | Instagram



I’m Ludovica, I’m 21 and I was born in the spiciest place of southern Italy while currently living in the capital of the world; I’m a bibliophile and I’m said to be a music encyclopedia (I’m Rolling Stones and Rock Music lover) and my aim is to live in seek of harmony while trying to find my place in the world.

With my mate Davide, I want to share my point of view on how the economic world is evolving nowadays, basing my analysis not on datas but on the creative part of the subject, Marketing, which is my first love.

If you want to catch up with me, send me emails on! I’m so into receiving suggestions on articles!




Concept: each week, I criticize a very bad, technically inept or ridiculous film, whilst also highlighting its cinematic merit (or the lack of it), and proving that thanks to the magic of “so bad it’s good”, sometimes, there’s a lot of fun to be had in watching a terrible movie.

Who is the Movie Master of Disaster?

The Movie Master of Disaster is a mysterious, reclusive English gentleman who lives in a castle where he spends his time watching films, usually very bad films.  He is an expert in B-movies and often gives scathing criticism of those movies in his reviews, whether it’s the bad story, bad special effects, bad acting, etc.  The Movie Master of Disaster is never seen without his signature mask, which covers half his face: nobody knows who he really is, and he wishes for his identity to be kept a secret.

Review Grade: each film is reviewed and given an algebraic grade, out of 10, with zero being the lowest mark and 10 the highest.  The grade reflects only my appreciation of the film rather than its technical merit, and sometimes, a very bad film or TV series can result in a good mark.  There are no “shit” films as far as this review column is concerned: even if a film is unwatchably bad, the Master will try to find some redeeming qualities in it, and never gives a zero grade.

Whenever possible, an Italian translation of each film title is provided.

“Communication Skill” by Claudia Perillo, LUISS Student


Student of Management, with a major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I’m passionate of innovation and communication. During my bachelor degree I was a teaching assistant of Alberto Castelvecchi, a public speaking and communication professor of LUISS Business School. Thanks to him I learn what I know about communication and my interest in this subject began. I’m interested in every creative way to innovate the world and in every way of communication.

I believe in talent, but I think that the keystone for success and leadership is commitment. In order to became a real leader, your commitment should be not only an engagement in skills and capabilities, but a real communication engagement.

Gian Maria Mallarino, LUISS Student


23 years old; born in Monaco; lived in several cities including Rome, Milan, Boston and Los Angeles; speaks 4 languages. It should be enough to explain my choice of enrolling into a Master Degree in Global Studies at LUISS and my continuos interest in seeing the world through other people’s eyes. Quoting Malcolm Forbes “diversity is the art of thinking independently together”. At LLC, I tooke care of the Humans of Language Cafè section. You want to share with us your vision of this amazing place? Step by to say hi or contact me at

Davide Di Cesare, LUISS Student


Collaborated on “Football Lovers” column.

I’m 21 years old from Tivoli, Italy. I love football, music and I’m a huge fan of A.S. Roma. Together we’ll catch up on Football latest news and results. You can contact me at .

Hope we’ll have fun together!

“Greener Lifestyle” by Giulia Vitali, LUISS Student


After having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, here at LUISS, I am know studying Marketing as a double degree student. I wrote my final dissertation with Prof. Di Paola – as part of the “Population, Environment and Sustainability” course – and it was through the researches I did  in order to develop my work, that I had the possibility to deepen my knowledge about circular economy.

I have a real interest for innovation and how it can be applied to sustainable practices in both, everyday life and business.

Here, as a writer for the LLC Blog, I would like to explore with you greener way of life, meaning not only single individual actions that we can put in place, but also taking into consideration what firms can do to deal with the main sustainability issues and threats affecting our planet.

“History and Stories” by Gabriele Marolla, LUISS Student


20, born in Rome.

I am attending PPE classes here at LUISS, generally speaking i like knowing things and drinking beer. I am really interested in History and in Arts, from music to painting, theater and cinema. I am addicted to Pink Floyd and The Lord of The Rings.

That’s me, have fun!

“History”  by Elena Amici, LUISS Student


“Beat the Beat” by Lorenzo Leonardi, LUISS Student


Italian, born in ’93. Travelled for most of my life, I’m a vagrant with no home. Passionate computer science nerd, physics enthusiast and obsessive audiophile. Currently finishing my studies at LUISS and dipping my toes into electronic music production. It is a long-lost dream of mine to be able to play and express the sounds I hear in my own head. To that end, we can take this particular journey into the music realm together. Having never played an instrument myself and starting from scratch, I will try to provide tips&tricks neophytes like myself might find useful.

We will start from the very beginning, and see how far we get; so, let’s jump right in!

“Cuisine: a beginner’s guide” by Manuele Bruzzese, LUISS Student


Hi there I’m Manuele and I’m a 20 years old PPE student. T

here are many things that I hate but few that I love…one of this is food so come on and let me spread my love to you!

#Stay tuned

“Homecoming” by Anonymous 

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Being asked who I am, as an author of blog section about meditation is really ironic I think. The reason of that is whatever images and concepts come to my mind about my person (persona in Latin originally meant “mask”) are all wrong. You cannot be somebody which you think you are, because who is the one who thinks about it than? Also these images constantly change, sometimes we change them on purpose and sometimes it happens by itself. So I do not want to be attached to an image which tomorrow might not be there anymore. I am only that space where all these projections, thoughts and concepts run through, but it is just a happening it is not my doing 🙂

Giancarlo di Marco, LUISS Student

Collaborated on “Bushcraft” column.

I’m 21 years old, I was born in the middle of the mountains (L’Aquila) in which born also my passion for nature in general. I tried so many activities concerning the wild, and I found what mostly let me live it in Bushcraft. If you are interested in nature things or in finding who you are lets read my articles!

Hope we’ll have fun together!


“Insiders Guide To Rome” by Francesca Errico, LUISS Student


I’m 22 years old and I study Economics and Business. I’m mad about Rome, where I’ve been living since I was born. Discovering new hidden places in my city is one of my biggest passions. My friends say that my first quality is empathy because when I meet someone new I try to be in her/his shoes respecting her/his own privacy and interiority. Indeed empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, hearing with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.

I think that if people were a little more empathetic the world would be better!

Feel free to contact me for any suggestion at

“Tips for Trips” by Federico Sardellitto, LUISS Student


I’m 22 years old, born and raised in Rome. Since I was just a child, I always been motivated to travel and learn from different cultures. This, combined with my addiction to food, led me to try every time different types of cuisines around the world. I’m completely obsessed with the ethic of hard work, that is in the gym, in university or at work.

You can contact me at .

“There is a storm inside of us. A burning. A river. A drive. An unrelentig driver to push yourself further than anyone could ever think possible.” – Marcus Luttrell


“Beauty” by Egle Trovato, LUISS Student


I’m 23 years old, born in Sicily, now living in Rome. I am attending my master’s degree in Marketing. For so many years I studied ballet, my biggest passion. Another thing I really love is the world of beauty and make up, in fact I always try to keep up with the latest trends. I hope that you like my articles, for other info you can contact me on:

International Space Sunday” and “Tech Stuff” by Carlo Stoppani, LUISS Student


Management master’s degree student here at LUISS, I graduated in Bologna in Business and Economics. I lived here in Italy and, for a little bit, in England, Poland and in the US. I’m passionate about space exploration, cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence and all things science. I like to spend most of my time dealing with stuff that yet has to be invented. You can follow the latest updates on my blog sections International Space Sunday or Tech Stuff on my twitter account @carlostoppani.

“Horsin’ Around” by Francesco Di Gianfilippo, LUISS Student


20, Born in L’Aquila, now living in Rieti.

I love traveling, visited several cities including London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Lisbon and Madrid.

I enjoy horse-riding in the free time (english riding), so I will share some news, stories, results and tips with you.

Contact me or my horse at:

“The Girl with the Green Coat” by Martina Asquini, LUISS Student


Hi everyone!

I study Politics, Philosophy and Economics here at LUISS and I am interested in the world around me. I am a tea addict, an insatiable reader, a frantic doodler and a food lover. In my posts, I’ll try to combine all of that with my passion for the environment and the sustainability of our actions.

Check out my writing if our planet is dear to you!

“Web Marketing and Network Marketing” by Alessandro Falcetti, LUISS Student


21 years old,born in Rieti.

I am dedicating  to the study of Business and Management and especially being  part of  the new and fascinating world of Network and web Marketing!

I’ve always had a passion for America and i Lived in several cities including, San Francisco, New York and Miami.

I think there are a few ways to better interpret our own life in this world, but I am counting strongly on the fact that one of those ways is to share new experiences everyday, so I will try to introduces you this new commotion tool that will create great opportunities for you and your business.

You can contact me at:

Let’s start Networking right now!


“You, Tommy and Mr Business” by Tommaso Trufini, LUISS Student

Nuova immagine bitmap

Hello everyone!

I’m 21 and I‘m from Monte Sant’Angelo, a little town in the northern part of Puglia, called Gargano.I’m attending the third year of Economy and Management at Luiss and mathematic-finance is my favourite professional area.I’m a sportsman and I‘ve kept fit in different ways every year, like basketball, swimming and gym.I like travelling just for vacation, but also to improve my English. I visited several cities including Prague, Berlin, Madrid, Edinburgh and so on.My blog is focused on the economic world as a whole, with some interesting advices and news about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Just contact me for suggestions at:

Herbalicious” by Eleonora Colitti, LUISS Student

Schermata 2017-03-22 alle 10.22.44.png

Hi, my name is Eleonora, I was born in Chile and I am an 18 years old PPE student. I recently found love with the ways you can use common herbs other than to cook, and I hope you will too.

See you soon!

Lorenzo Basile, LUISS Student

lorenzo basile

21,  born and raised in Rome. I am a bachelor degree student in Business and Management. I love travelling, making new experiences, riding motorbikes and of course I’m very interested in economics; in finance and financial markets to be more precise. However, my first and foremost passion is sport. I love every sport that gives strong emotions, adrenaline and new sensations. I practice alpine skiing, at a competitive level, since I can remember; when I was younger I also practiced tennis and volleyball. However, for three years now, my new frontier is windsurfing: I consider it, along with skiing, the best sport I’ve ever practiced (until now, at least!). I will share news, facts and information, also about extreme sports!

Let’s have fun!

Giovanni Ruggero Facchini, LUISS Student


Collaborated on “Postmodernist” column.

22, from Rome, I began my university studies as a physics undergraduate at Imperial College London, before switching to economics at Luiss.

Passionate about mathematics, politics and critical thinking, I dream of making a contribution to the creation of sustainable economic policies for a fairer, farsighted globalisation.

In a world of speakers (but no real listeners) it is essential to be able to ‘think outside the box’, realising that we are unlikely to find all the solutions to society’s issues in our customary approaches to life and technology.

Fascinated by mindfulness and cognitive psychology, I believe these may hold the key to a happier existence.

Blimey, I forgot to mention that I do have a social life!

Feel free to e-mail me at


“Novels” by Emanuela Choppin de Janvry, LUISS Student


I am a 21 year old girl, passionate by literature, arts, culture and life. I write since I was 8, stories of all types, often not very realistic! 

My half french culture spurts out in the scripts sometimes but I try to balance it with my south italian heart. I was born in Naples and I love Luiss because it is full of people coming from the most sunny places of Italy!

Have a good time on this blog 🙂 

“The SeriaLady” by Claudia Rizzo, LUISS Student


I’m Claudia, I’m 19, and before landing in Rome last year to study Economics and Business, I lived in the deep South of Italy. I’m very passionate about journalism, politics and communication and for many years now I’ve been interested in the world of tv series. On the Luiss Language Café Blog I will lead you into the deepest and most mysterious parts of this world, sharing with you my thoughts about new and old shows, trying to do what I think I do best: telling stories!

Follow my section “The SeriaLady” and binge-watch carefully!

“Chef Jack” by Giacomo Giagnoli, LUISS Student 


I study economics at Luiss and I have been passionate about cooking for years. My section is Chef Jack, I am no expert but I am happy to suggest some tips that might improve your cuisine and to give info on this world! Nothing too fancy, just some nice ideas to brighten up your savoir-faire in the kitchen.

I am also editor-in-chief here! If you have any suggestions or you are passionate in writing contact me to join us at!!


So look out for our posts!