The more, the merrier

Written by: Margherita Nisco, Camilla Fragasso, Pietro Alessandrini. Ever since we were little we have been taught to work alone, relying only on ourselves and on our own skills. This has led to a competitive way of thinking, where the highest scores are one of the most important objectives we set ourselves during our school year. … More The more, the merrier

Crying twice

Written by: Valentina Oggioni, Margherita Ruffini, Chiara Calvez Nowadays, our world is increasingly competitive. To have a place in this world, young people have to show they are better than others, and it has become essential for them to have experience abroad. Despite this, it is not always that easy for a teenager to face … More Crying twice


Written by Giulia and Patric Last week at school our teacher showed us a report by an Italian TV show called “Le Iene” about a terrible game that is getting increasingly popular nowadays: The Blue Whale challenge. This so-called game is actually a sick, contorted phenomenon on social media that challenges you to inflict self … More NO TO THE BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE, YES TO THE GAME OF LIFE


Written by Anastasia & Sara Street Art is the definition used by media that encapsulates all those art forms that appear in public places. It is an open expression of the thoughts and identity of the artist. This type of art is full of energy, rebellion and desire and is a channel to express feelings … More FINGERS AND CANS

Every sleeping hour

Written by Lucrezia Scopel and Pietro Romualdi. Ok, time for some personal questions. How much do you sleep? And do you sleep well? And what is sleep anyway? In wikispeak, it is a naturally recurring state of mind and body characterised by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles , … More Every sleeping hour