About the Café

The Luiss Language Café is a multilingual centre for  creative collaboration and cultural exchange.

A home away from home for our visiting students from abroad, it is a hive of intercultural activity and production.


All day long, students, faculty and staff meet to enjoy conversation over a coffee or to browse the latest international papers and magazines in the open lounge. They can also reserve one of the three production rooms to create projects, documentaries, videos, podcasts, blogs and articles, or book the theatre space to contribute to the continuous stream of lessons, workshops, discussions and cultural events.


There are only two rules at the café: No study and speak another language!

The mission is to push peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and connectivity. By openly sharing our knowledge, experiences and best practices through other languages we seek to provide a wonderful basis for creativity and fulfillment.


With over a thousand books in various languages and a wide selection of daily newspapers, there is always something to read. LUISS also has a strong music culture, and it is rare not to find someone playing our instruments at the Café.


All year long, high school students work with us creating articles, videos and surveys on a wide range of topics for our blog, and actively participating in our events.


books and mags

Our student clubs and organizations organize seminars, debates and competitions throughout the year, and our tandem program connects speakers of different languages willing to teach and learn. Experts are also regularly invited to give presentations and workshops on all kinds of subjects and experiences, and interaction and with our students and professors is our common practice.

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But the café is above all a place where we stop to contemplate life, where we are and how others are doing. It is a place where we live together.


zuckerberg at cafe 4.png



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