“I’ve heard about the Language Café but I couldn’t imagine that it is so beautiful. My dream is to work for the UN, that’s why I’m studying law and I want to specialise in international law. Now that I’ve discovered the LLC you’re probably going to find me there while I’m reading a book.” Francesco, … More H@LLC-Francesco


[Reading time: 1 minute] “I don’t hang out at the LLC so much, but I do love that place. I’m completing a three-year degree in Political sciences, and actually I’m going to hopefully finish it in one year. Me in ten years? I hope to work as a journalist, it has always been my dream. … More H@LLC-Martina


“I really love the atmosphere of the LLC and playing chess in it with my friends. I’m completing a three-year degree in economics and management. My passion is cinematography and I hope to succeed in combining it with management in my working life. My motto? Homo sum nihil humani alienum a me puto.”   Andrea, … More H@LLC-Andrea


“I was born in Liban, but I’ve always been living in Rome. Something about me? I love putting on make up and things linked to the fashion. My future? I’m attending a three years bachelor at LUISS university in Economics and management, and then I want specialize in international management; my wish is to become … More H@LLC-Valeria

H@LLC – Miriana

“I’m new to the LLC. Starting from this semester, I’ll be the new Creative Manager. I will mainly taking care of my personal section of the blog “Efficacemente”. It will be focused on telling the stories of self-made people who started from scratch and became successful, and by successful I don’t mean only rich. My … More H@LLC – Miriana

H@LLC – Leo

“I’m originally from Munich, and I will be spending an entire year at LUISS as an erasmus student. I love the atmosphere of the Language Cafè. Here you can meet people from everywhere, working on projects or simply chatting. Although I am here to study finance and I love it, I used to play in … More H@LLC – Leo

H@LLC – Lorenzo

“First thing that comes to my mind? I want to finish this degree as soon as possible. I don’t know exactly what I want to do once I will be done with school but I am not short on ideas. I know that the diplomatic career is one of the most aspired ones, especially among … More H@LLC – Lorenzo

H@LLC – Laura

“What am I doing here? I’m here to change things; I want to be part of the change. We don’t realize we are destroying the World we are living in. A new approach is needed. New rules, new views, a new paradigm and it all starts from us. How? I don’t know, that’s why I … More H@LLC – Laura